自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 20    No. 2    February 2013

Materials and Metallurgy Engineering
Finite element analysis of contact fatigue and bending fatigue of a theoretical assembling straight bevel gear pair DENG Song(鄧松), HUA Lin(華林), HAN Xing-hui(韓星會), HUANG Song(黃松) 279
Glass formation for iron-based alloys by combining kinetic and thermodynamic parameters J. H. Willy, WANG Gang(王剛), LIU Zhong-wu(劉仲武) 293
Inhibition effect of a synthesized N, N′-bis(2-hydroxybenzaldehyde)-1, 3-propandiimine on corrosion of mild steel in HCl O. Ghasemi, I. Danaee, G.R. Rashed, M. RashvandAvei, M. H. Maddahy 301
Effects of static aeroelasticity on composite wing characteristics under different flight attitudes HUO Shi-hui(霍世慧), YUAN Zhe(袁喆), WANG Fu-sheng(王富生), YUE Zhu-feng(岳珠峰) 312
Effect of cooling structure on thermal behavior of copper plates of slab continuous casting mold MENG Xiang-ning(孟祥寧), ZHU Miao-yong(朱苗勇) 318
Layer by layer synthesis of Sn-Co-C microcomposites and their application in lithium ion batteries ZHOU Xiang-yang(周向陽), ZOU You-lan(鄒幽蘭), Yang Juan(楊娟),
XIE Jing(謝靜), WANG Song-can(王松燦)
precipitation processes and luminescence properties of ZnO: La3+, Li+ nanoparticles GU Ying-ying(古映瑩), LI Lu-ke(李陸柯), ZHANG Wen-wen(張穩穩), LIU Ying(劉英), LU Zhou-guang(盧周廣) 332
Purification of indium by vacuum distillation and its analysis LI Dong-sheng(李冬生), DAI Yong-nian(戴永年), YANG Bin(楊斌),
 LIU Da-chun(劉大春), DENG Yong(鄧勇)
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Parameter identification of inertially stabilized platforms using current command design LI Zhi-qiang(黎志強), ZHANG Zhi-yong(張智永), ZHOU Qing-kun(周擎坤), FAN Da-peng(范大鵬) 342
Loaded multi-tooth contact analysis and calculation for contact stress of face-gear drive with spur involute pinion TANG Jin-yuan(唐進元), LIU Yan-ping(劉艷平) 354
Comparison of two types of twin-rotor piston engine mechanisms DENG Hao(鄧豪), PAN Cun-yun(潘存云), WANG Xiao-cong(王曉聰), ZHANG Lei(張雷) , DENG Li(鄧力) 363
Design of a novel 50 kW fast charger for electric vehicles Yoon Hyok-min, Kim Jong-hyun, Song Eui-ho 372
development of a one-axis manipulator for laser-assisted machining KIM Dong-hyeon, LEE Choon-man 378
Retraction control of motorized seat belt system with linear state observer Lee Kang-seok, Choi Chin-chul, Lee Woo-taik 385
Optimal design of butterfly-shaped linear ultrasonic motor using finite element method and response surface methodology SHI Yun-lai(時運來), CHEN Chao(陳超), ZHAO Chun-sheng(趙淳生) 393
Neural adaptive PSD decoupling controller and its application in three-phase electrode adjusting system of submerged arc furnace HE Jian-jun(賀建軍), LIU Yu-qiao(劉郁喬), YU Shou-yi(喻壽益), GUI Wei-hua(桂衛華) 405
Dynamic simulation of drum level sloshing of heat recovery steam generator CAO Xiao-ling (曹小玲), PI Zheng-ren (皮正仁), JIANG Shao-jian (蔣紹堅),YANG Wei-hong (楊衛宏),
B. Wlodzimerz
Speech enhancement through voice activity detection using speech absence probability based on teager energy ParkYun-sik, Lee Sang-min 424
Traffic sign recognition algorithm based on shape signature and dual-tree complex wavelet transform CAI Zi-xing(蔡自興), GU Ming-qin(谷明琴) 433
CRSG: a congestion control routing algorithm for security defense based on social psychology and game theory in DTN WANG Cheng-jun(王珵珺), GONG Zheng-hu(龔正虎), TAO Yong(陶勇),
ZHANG Zi-wen(張子文), ZHAO Bao-kang(趙寶康)
Forecasting of wind velocity: an improved svm algorithm combined with simulated annealing LIU Jin-peng(劉金朋), NIU Dong-xiao(牛東曉), ZHANG Hong-yun(張宏運), WANG Guan-qing(王官慶) 451
Energy and Power Engineering, and Environmental Engineering
Performance analysis and improvement of geothermal binary cycle power plant in oilfield LI Tai-lu(李太祿), ZHU Jia-ling(朱家玲) , ZHANG Wei(張偉) 457
Risk based security assessment of power system using generalized regression neural network with feature extraction M. Marsadek, A. Mohamed 466
Optimization of Cr(VI) bioremediation in contaminated soil using indigenous bacteria LI Qian(李倩), YANG Zhi-hui(楊志輝), CHAI Li-yuan(柴立元), WANG Bing(王兵),
 XIONG Shan(熊珊), LIAO Ying-ping(廖映平)<
A system combining microbial fuel cell with photobioreactor for continuous domestic wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation Jiang Hai-ming(蔣海明), Luo Sheng-jun(羅生軍), Shi Xiao-shuang(師曉爽),
Dai Meng(戴萌), Guo Rong-bo(郭榮波)
Formation of active radicals and mechanism of photocatalytic degradation of phenol process using eosin sensitized TiO2 under visible light irradiation SONG Lin(宋琳), ZHANG Xin(張鑫), MA Yun-kun(馬云坤),
LI Ming-yu(李明玉), ZENG Xiao-long(曾小龍)
Civil Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Influences of pre-existing fracture on ground deformation induced by normal faulting in mixed ground conditions CAI Qi-peng(蔡奇鵬), NG C W W(吳宏偉), LUO Guan-yong(駱冠勇), HU Ping(胡平) 501
Pressure-impulse diagram with multiple failure modes of one-way reinforced concrete slab under blast loading using SDOF method WANG Wei(汪維), ZHANG Duo(張舵), LU Fang-yun(盧芳云),
TANG Fu-jing (湯福靜), WANG Song-chuan(王松川)
Evaluation of surface textures and skid resistance of pervious concrete pavement CHEN Yu(陳瑜), WANG Ke-jin(王科進), ZHOU Wen-fang(周文芳) 520
Analytical solution to rock pressure acting on three shallow tunnels subjected to unsymmetrical loads YANG Xiao-li(楊小禮), ZHANG Jia-hua(張佳華), JIN Qi-yun(金啟云), MA Jun-qiu(馬軍秋) 528
Comparisons between unsteady sediment-transport modeling Lahouari Benayada, Mahmoud Hasbaia 536
3-D numerical modelling of domino failure of hard rock pillars in Fetr6 Chromite Mine, Iran, and comparison with empirical methods S. Dehghan, K. Shahriar, P. Maarefvand, K. Goshtasbi 541
Comparison of two suspension control strategies for multi-axle heavy truck CHEN Yi-kai(陳一鍇), HE Jie(何杰), M. King, FENG Zhong-xiang(馮忠祥), ZHANG Wei-hua(張衛華) 550
Signal timing optimization model based on dual-ring phase scheme for roundabout MA Wan-jing(馬萬經), XIE Han-zhou(謝涵洲), BAI Yu(白玉), ZHAO Jing(趙靖), YANG Xiao-guang(楊曉光) 563
Method of spillover identification in urban street networks using loop detector outputs MA Dong-fang(馬東方), WANG Dian-hai(王殿海), SUN Feng(孫鋒),
BIE Yi-ming(別一鳴), JIN Sheng(金盛)

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