自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 19    No. 4    April 2012

Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Large scale synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles via homogeneous precipitation WANG Yi-ming(王益明), LI Jian-hua(李建華), HONG Ruo-yu(洪若瑜) 863
Influence of cerium on microstructures and mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys LAI Jian-ping(賴建平), JIANG Rong-piao(姜榮票), LIU Hua-shan(劉華山),
DUN Xiao-long(敦小龍), LI Yan-fen(李艷芬), LI Xiao-qian(李曉
Stretch rate and deformation for pre-stretching aluminum alloy sheet ZHU Cai-chao(朱才朝), LUO Jia-yuan(羅家元) 875
Casting-cold extrusion of Al/Cu clad composite by copper tubes with
different sketch sections
LUO Jun-ting(駱俊廷), ZHAO Shuang-jing(趙雙敬), ZHANG Chun-xiang(張春祥) 882
Fabrication and plasma arc thermal shock resistance of
HfB2-based ultra high temperature ceramics
WENG Ling(翁凌), HAN Wen-bo(韓文波), HONG Chang-qing(洪長青) 887
Simulation calculation of solubility of
insoluble compound MmAa in complex system
YANG Tian-zu(楊天足), ZHANG Du-chao(張杜超), WU Jiang-hua(吳江華) 892
Dissolution rate determination of alumina in
molten cryolite-based aluminum electrolyte
KAN Hong-min(闞洪敏), ZHANG Ning(張寧), WANG Xiao-yang(王曉陽) 897
Dissolution kinetics of malachite in ammonia/ammonium sulphate solution LIU Zhi-xiong(劉志雄), YIN Zhou-lan(尹周瀾), HU Hui-ping(胡慧萍), CHEN Qi-yuan(陳啟元) 903
Synthesis and properties of UV curable polyurethane acrylates based on
two different hydroxyethyl acrylates
LIAO Feng(廖峰), ZENG Xing-rong(曾幸榮), LI Hong-qiang(李紅強),
LAI Xue-jun(賴學軍), ZHAO Fu-chun(趙富春)
Evaluation of metal-doped manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves in catalytic reduction of NOx from cigarette mainstream smoke Lian Wen-liu(練文柳), Ren Feng-lian(任鳳蓮), Liu Qi(劉琦), Xie Lan-ying(謝蘭英) 918
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Gravitational search algorithm for coordinated design of PSS and
TCSC as damping controller
M. Eslami, H. Shareef, A. Mohamed, M. Khajehzadeh 923
Enhancing pose accuracy of space robot by improved differential evolution LIU Yu(劉宇), NI Feng-lei(倪風雷), LIU Hong(劉宏), XU Wen-fu(徐文福) 933
Numerical computation and analysis of unsteady viscous flow around autonomous underwater vehicle with propellers based on sliding mesh GAO Fu-dong(高富東), PAN Cun-yun(潘存云), HAN Yan-yan(韓艷艷) 944
Numerical assessment on improving multistage centrifugal impeller performance by changing inlet skew angle at impeller inlet M. N. Labib, Woo Ju-sik, Choi Du-youl, T. Utomo, B. Fajar, Chung Han-shik, Jeong Hyo-min 953
Novel flexible hybrid electric system and adaptive online-optimal energy management controller for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles HE Jian-hui(何建輝), YANG Lin(楊 林), QIANG Jia-xi(羌嘉曦),
CHEN Zi-qiang(陳自強), ZHU Jian-xin(朱建新)
Multi-objective optimization of active steering system with force and displacement coupled control ZHAO Wan-zhong(趙萬忠), SUN Pei-kun(孫培坤), LIU Shun(劉順), LIN Yi(林逸) 974
Application of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and neural network in
power transformer risk assessment
LI Wei-guo(李衛國), YU Qian(俞乾), LUO Ri-cheng(羅日成) 982
PAPR reduction in mobile WiMAX:A new ZCMT precoded random interleaved OFDMA system I. Baig, V. Jeoti 988
Industrial shape detecting system of cold rolling strip YANG Li-po(楊利坡), YU Bing-qiang(于丙強), DING Dong(丁棟), LIU Hong-min(劉宏民) 994
Penetration depth for yaw-inducing bursting layer impacted by projectile CHEN Wan-xiang(陳萬祥), GUO Zhi-kun(郭志昆), QIAN Qi-hu(錢七虎),
YE Jun-hua(葉均華), XU Xiao-zhuang(徐小壯)
New sigma point filtering algorithms for
nonlinear stochastic systems with correlated noises
WANG Xiao-xu(王小旭), PAN Quan(潘泉), CHENG Yong-mei(程詠梅), ZHAO Chun-hui(趙春暉) 1010
Self-adaptive learning based immune algorithm XU Bin(許斌), ZHUANG Yi(莊毅), XUE Yu(薛羽), WANG Zhou(王洲) 1021
Designing similarity measurement with distance measure and
application on laterally directional mode flight test
PARK Wook-je, LEE Sang-min, LEE Sang-hyuk 1032
Color image segmentation using mean shift and improved ant clustering LIU Ling-xing(劉玲星), TAN Guan-zheng(譚冠政), M. Sami Soliman 1040
Permission and role automatic assigning of user in
role-based access control
HAN Dao-jun(韓道軍), ZHUO Han-kui(卓漢逵), XIA Lan-ting(夏蘭亭), LI Lei(李磊) 1049
Vari-gram language model based on word clustering YUAN Li-chi(袁里馳) 1057
Energy and Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Mine Engineering
Fluid-solid coupling numerical simulation of charge process in
variable-mass thermodynamic system
HU Ji-min(胡繼敏), JIN Jia-shan(金家善), YAN Zhi-teng(嚴志騰) 1063
Effect of rhamnolipids on cadmium adsorption by YUANXing-zhong(袁興中), JIANG Li-li(姜麗麗), ZENGGuang-ming(曾光明),
LIU Zhi-feng(劉智峰), ZHONG Hua(鐘華)
Optimum blending of iron ore from Choghart stockpiles
by using goal programming
J. Gholamnejad, S. Kasmaee 1081
Rock burst induced by roof breakage and its prevention HE Jiang(何江), DOU Lin-ming(竇林名), CAO An-ye(曹安業), GONG Si-yuan(鞏思園), LÜ Jian-wei(呂建為) 1086
Mathematical models and expert system for
grate-kiln process of iron ore oxide pellet production (Part I):
Mathematical models of grate process
WANG Yi(王祎), FAN Xiao-hui(范曉慧), CHEN Xu-ling(陳許玲) 1092
Civil Engineering
A plasticity model for sand-structure interfaces A. Lashkari 1098
Surface-borehole electric potential survey in layered media and
its applications
SU Ben-yu(蘇本玉), Y. FUJIMITSU, SONG Jian-yong(宋建勇) 1109
Bearing capacity and settlement of strip footing on
geosynthetic reinforced clayey slopes
S. A. Naeini, B. Khadem Rabe, E. Mahmoodi 1116
Stress-strain behavior of plastic concrete using
monotonic triaxial compression tests
Y. Pashang Pisheh, S. M. Mir Mohammad Hosseini 1125
Improved slope safety analysis by new Druker-Prager type criterion ZHU Jun-gao(朱俊高), PENG Kai(彭凱), J. F. Shao, LIU Han-long(劉漢龍) 1132
FEM analyses for influences of stress-chemical solution on
THM coupling in dual-porosity rock mass
ZHANG Yu-jun(張玉軍), YANG Chao-shuai(楊朝帥) 1138
An improved adaptive response surface method for
structural reliability analysis
LIU Ji(劉霽), LI Yun(李云) 1148
Influence of subsequent curing on water sorptivity and pore structure of steam-cured concrete HE Zhi-min(賀智敏), LONG Guang-cheng(龍廣成), XIE You-jun(謝友均) 1155
Mechanical characteristics of intact Middle Pleistocene Epoch loess in northwestern China ZHONG Zu-liang(鐘祖良), LIU Xin-rong(劉新榮) 1163

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