自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 17    No. 6    December 2010

Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Si3N4-doped Zr50Al15Ni10Cu25 glassy alloy by mechanical alloying and sintering process OUYANG Xue-qiong(歐陽雪瓊), LONG Wo-yun(龍臥云), BIAN Jian-ze(邊建澤),
GAO Chao(高超), LU An-xian(盧安賢)
Mössbauer spectra of MnFe2−2x Al2xO4 (0≤x≤0.4) ferrites BATOO K M, KUMAR S, PRAKASH R, ALIMUDDIN, SONG J I, CHUNG H,
Impedance spectroscopy study on Mn1+xFe2−2xTixO4 (0≤x≤0.5) ferrites KUMAR S, BATOO K M, PRAKASH R, CHOI H K, KOO B H, SONG J I,
Influence of Ti4+ doping on hyperfine field parameters of Mg0.95Mn0.05Fe2−2xTi2xO4 (0≤x≤0.7) KUMAR S, PRAKASH R, ALIMUDDIN, CHOI H K, KOO B H, SONG J I,
Low temperature Raman study of PrCoO3 thin films on LaAlO3 (100) substrates grown by pulsed laser deposition PRAKASH R, KUMAR S, LEE C G, SONG J I 1144
Luminescent properties dependence of water-soluble CdTe quantum dots on stabilizing agents and reaction time LI Zheng(李崢), WANG Yong-xian(汪勇先), ZHANG Guo-xin(張國欣), HAN Yan-jiang(韓彥江) 1148
Microstructures and wear resistance of chromium coatings on P110 steel fabricated by pack cementation LIN Nai-ming(林乃明), XIE Fa-qin(謝發勤), ZHOU Jun(周俊),
ZHONG Tao(鐘濤), WU Xiang-qing(吳向清), TIAN Wei(田偉), <
Structural evolution and optical characterization in argon diluted Si:H thin films obtained by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition LI Zhi(李志), HE Jian(何劍), LI Wei(李偉),
CAI Hai-hong(蔡海洪), GONG Yu-guang(龔宇光), JIANG Ya-dong(蔣亞東)
Structures and magnetic properties of nanocomposite CoFe2O4-BaTiO3 fibers by organic gel-thermal decomposition process ZHOU Zhi(周智), SHEN Xiang-qian(沈湘黔), SONG Fu-zhan(宋福展), MIN Chun-ying(閔春英) 1172
Crack tip higher order stress fields for functionally graded materials with generalized form of gradation YAN Xiu-fa(燕秀發), QIAN Qi-hu(錢七虎), LU Hong-biao(盧紅標),
WANG Wei(王瑋), SUN Ao(孫翱)
Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and their heating effects under radiofrequency capacitive field LI Xu-hong(李旭紅), FENG Zhi-ming(馮志明), OUYANG Wei-wei(歐陽偉煒),
XIE Xiao-xue(謝小雪), LIAO Yu-ping(廖遇平), TANG Jin-tian(唐
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Environmental Engineering
Mechanisms of composite agglomeration of fluoric iron concentrate JIANG Tao(姜濤), HU You-ming(胡友明), LI Qian(李騫), LI Guang-hui(李光輝),
YANG Yong-bin(楊永斌), ZHANG Yuan-bo(張元波), GUO Yu-feng(郭宇峰)
Influence of copper solvent extractant on microbial community structure of acidophilic microorganisms CHEN Bo-wei(陳勃偉), LI Wen-juan(李文娟), LIU Xing-yu(劉興宇),
ZHOU Gui-ying(周桂英), WEN Jian-kang(溫建康)
Sodium-modification of Ca-based bentonite via semidry process HUANG Yan-fang(黃艷芳), ZHANG Yuan-bo(張元波), HAN Gui-hong(韓桂洪), JIANG Tao(姜濤),
LI Guang-hui(李光輝), YANG Yong-bin(楊永斌), XU Bin(許斌), GUO Yu-feng(郭宇峰)
Effects of carbon sources on electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12/C composite anode materials LIU Ping(劉萍), ZHANG Zhi-an(張治安), LI Jie(李劼), LAI Yan-qing(賴延清) 1207
Microwave absorbing characteristics and temperature increasing behavior of basic cobalt carbonate in microwave field LIU Bing-guo(劉秉國), PENG Jin-hui(彭金輝), ZHANG Li-bo(張利波), SRINIVASAKANNAN C,
HUANG Min(黃銘), ZHANG Ze-biao(張澤彪)
Changes of hydrochemical composition and heavy metals concentration in shallow groundwater from karst hilly areas in Guiyang region, China LIU Fang(劉方), LIU Cong-qiang(劉叢強), ZHAO Yang(趙楊), LI Zhun(李準) 1216
Synergy of adsorption and visible light photocatalysis to decolor methyl orange by activated carbon/nanosized CdS/chitosan composite JIANG Ru(蔣茹), ZHU Hua-yue(朱華躍), ZENG Guang-ming(曾光明),
XIAO Ling(肖玲), GUAN Yu-jiang(管玉江)
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering
Levitation mechanism modelling for maglev transportation system ZHOU Hai-bo(周海波), DUAN Ji-an(段吉安) 1230
Fault detection method with PCA and LDA and
its application to induction motor
JUNG D Y, LEE S M, WANG Hong-mei(王洪梅), KIM J H, LEE S H 1238
Sensorless control for hysteresis compensation of AFM scanner by modified Rayleigh model PARK J K, MOON W K 1243
Optimal design of V-type ultrasonic motor JEONG S S, PARK C H, PARK T G 1247
Improvement of prediction model for work roll thermal contour in hot strip mill WANG Lian-sheng(王連生), YANG Quan(楊荃), HE An-rui(何安瑞),
ZHENG Xuan(鄭宣), YU Hong-rui(于洪瑞)
A coarse-grained differentiated routing algorithm in multi-protocol label switching traffic engineering DU Li(杜荔), YU Jun-xiang(于軍相), WANG Xiao-jing(王曉靜) 1258
Forward kinematics analysis of parallel manipulator using modified global Newton-Raphson method YANG Chi-fu(楊熾夫), ZHENG Shu-tao(鄭淑濤), JIN Jun(靳軍), ZHU Si-bin(朱思斌), HAN Jun-wei(韓俊偉) 1264
Effect of information delay on string stability of platoon of automated vehicles under typical information frameworks XIAO Ling-yun(肖凌云), GAO Feng(高峰) 1271
Structure and design method for pulse-triggered flip-flops at switch level DAI Yan-yun(戴燕云), SHEN Ji-zhong(沈繼忠) 1279
Dynamic matrix encoding strategy for voice-over-IP steganography TIAN Hui(田暉), ZHOU Ke(周可), FENG Dan(馮丹) 1285
Cancellation for frequency offset in OFDM system based on TF-LMS algorithm GUAN Qing-yang(關慶陽), ZHAO Hong-lin(趙洪林), GUO Qing(郭慶) 1293
Assessment of grid inherent vulnerability considering open circuit fault under potential energy framework LIU Qun-ying(劉群英), LIU Qi-fang(劉起方), HUANG Qi(黃琦), LIU Jun-yong(劉俊勇) 1300
Multi-label dimensionality reduction based on semi-supervised discriminant analysis LI Hong(李宏), LI Ping(李平), GUO Yue-jian(郭躍健), WU Min(吳敏) 1310
Seam tracking control for mobile welding robot based on vision sensor ZHANG Ting(張庭), LI Kai(李慨), YANG Jing(楊靜) 1320
Geological Engineering and Civil Engineering
Effects of interface slip and semi-rigid joint on elastic seismic response of steel-concrete composite frames QI Jing-jing(戚菁菁), JIANG Li-zhong(蔣麗忠) 1327
Performance of viscous fluid dampers coupling adjacent inelastic structures under near-fault earthquakes GE Dong-dong(閣東東), ZHU Hong-ping(朱宏平),
ZHANG Jun-bing(張俊兵), CHEN Xiao-qiang(陳曉強)
IFC-based integration tool for supporting information exchange from architectural model to structural model LIU Zhao-qiu(劉照球), LI Yun-gui(李云貴), ZHANG Han-yi(張漢義) 1344
Engineering behaviors of reinforced gabion retaining wall based on laboratory test LIN Yu-liang(林宇亮), YANG Guo-lin(楊果林), LI Yun(李昀), ZHAO Lian-heng(趙煉恒) 1351
3D FEM analysis for layered rock considering anisotropy of shear strength ZHANG Yu-jun(張玉軍), ZHANG Wei-qing(張維慶) 1357
Frame property of unequal storey height with specially shaped columns under cyclic loading WANG Tie-cheng(王鐵成), ZHANG Xue-hui(張學輝) 1364
Comparative analysis of seismic response characteristics of pile-supported structure KONG De-sen(孔德森), LI Chun-jie(李純潔), ZHANG Wei-wei(張偉偉), MENG Qing-hui(孟慶輝) 1370
Deduction and experimental investigation of constitutive relation of liquefaction of saturated sand WANG Xing-hua(王星華), CUI Ke-yu(崔科宇), WANG Zhen-yu(王振宇), WANG Mian-chan(王綿昌) 1376
Mechanism of action of cracks water on rock landslide in rainfall WU Yong(吳永), HE Si-ming(何思明), LI Xin-po(李新坡) 1383
Energy and Power Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Numerical simulation of aluminum holding furnace with fluid-solid coupled heat transfer ZHOU Nai-jun(周乃君), ZHOU Shan-hong(周善紅), ZHANG Jia-qi(張家奇), PAN Qing-lin(潘青林) 1389
Control effect of fluid entry pressure on hydrocarbon accumulation NIE Hai-kuan(聶海寬), ZHANG Jin-chuan (張金川) 1395
Theoretical solution of transient heat conduction problem in one-dimensional double-layer composite medium ZHOU Long(周龍), BAI Min-li(白敏麗), LÜ Ji-zu(呂繼組), CUI Wen-zheng(崔文政) 1403

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