自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 16    No. 2    April 2009

Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
First-principles lattice stability of Fe, Ru and Os TAO Hui-jin(陶輝錦), YIN Jian(尹 健) 177
Preparation and sintering of nano Fe coated Si3N4 composite powders YIN Rui-ming(銀銳明), FAN Jing-lian(范景蓮), LIU Xun(劉 勛) 184
Processing and properties of 2D SiC/SiC composites by Hprecursor infiltration and pyrolysis YU Hai-jiao(于海蛟), ZHOU Xin-gui(周新貴), WANG Hong-lei(王洪磊),
ZHAO Shuang(趙 爽), YANG Jian-gao(羊建高), HUANG Ze-lan(黃澤蘭)
Characterization of polysulfone hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane and its cleaning efficiency by streaming potential and flux method QIU Yun-ren(邱運仁), MIAO Chang(繆 暢), YE Hong-qi(葉紅齊) 195
Enantiomeric separation of phenylsuccinic acid by cyclodextrin-modified reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography MAN Rui-lin(滿瑞林), WANG Zhong-hui(王鐘輝), TANG Ke-wen(唐課文) 201
Self-assembly constructed by perylene bisimide derivatives bearing complementary hydrogen-bonding moieties YANG Xin-guo(楊新國), YUAN Huan(袁 歡), ZHAO Qiu-li(趙秋麗),
YANG Qing(楊 青), CHEN Xian-hong(陳憲宏)
Novel fluorescence sensor based on covalent immobilization of 3-amino-9-ethylcarbazole via electrostatically assembled gold nanoparticle layer TAN Shu-zhen(譚淑珍), LONG Shu(龍 姝), XIA Jiao-yun(夏姣云),
CAO Zhong(曹 忠), ZHANG Ling(張 玲), GONG Fu-chun(龔福春)
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Environmental Engineering
Bioleaching of chalcocite by mixed microorganisms subjected to mutation KANG Jian(康 健), QIU Guan-zhou(邱冠周), GAO Jian(高 健),
WANG Hai-hua (王海華), WU Xue-ling(吳學玲), DING Jian-nan(丁建南)<
Acidophilic bacterial community reflecting pollution level of sulphide mine impacted by acid mine drainage WAN Min-xi(萬民熙), YANG Yu(楊 宇), QIU Guan-zhou(邱冠周),
XU Ai-ling(徐愛玲), QIAN Lin(錢 林), HUANG Zhi-ying(黃芝英)
A novel salt-tolerant Micrococcus sp. DUT_AHX capable of degrading nitrobenzene AI Hai-xin(艾海新), ZHOU Ji-ti(周集體), LÜ Hong(呂 紅) 230
Effect of doping Bi on oxygen evolution potential and corrosion behavior of Pb-based anode in zinc electrowinning LAI Yan-qing(賴延清), ZHONG Shui-ping(衷水平), JIANG Liang-xing(蔣良興),
LÜ Xiao-jun(呂曉軍), CHEN Pei-ru(陳佩如), LI Jie(李 劼), LIU Ye-xiang(劉業翔)
Recovery of copper sulfate after treating As-containing wastewater by precipitation method ZHENG Ya-jie(鄭雅杰), WANG Yong(王 勇), XIAO Fa-xin(肖發新), LUO Yuan(羅 圓) 242
Electrochemical behavior of wound supercapacitors with propylene carbonate and acetonitrile based nonaqueous electrolytes ZHANG Zhi-an(張治安), LAI Yan-qing(賴延清), LI Jie(李 劼), LIU Ye-xiang(劉業翔) 247
Speciation of chromium in soil inoculated with Cr(Ⅵ)-reducing strain, Bacillus sp. XW-4 XU Wei-hua(徐衛華), LIU Yun-guo(劉云國), ZENG Guang-ming(曾光明),
ZHOU Ming(周 鳴), FAN Ting(樊 霆), WANG Xin(王 欣), XIA Wen-bin(夏文斌)
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering
A fault injection model-oriented testing strategy for component security CHEN Jin-fu(陳錦富), LU Yan-sheng(盧炎生), ZHANG Wei(張 衛), XIE Xiao-dong(謝曉東) 258
A sink moving scheme based on local residual energy of nodes in wireless sensor networks TAN Chang-geng(譚長庚), XU Ke(許 可), WANG Jian-xin(王建新), CHEN Song-qiao(陳松喬) 265
Dynamic services selection algorithm in Web services composition supporting cross-enterprises collaboration HU Chun-hua(胡春華), CHEN Xiao-hong(陳曉紅), LIANG Xi-ming(梁昔明) 269
An efficient embedding tree matching algorithm based on metaphoric dependency syntax tree FENG Shao-rong(馮少榮), XIAO Wen-jun(肖文俊) 275
Cooperative diversity based on rotation code Xiong Xiong(熊 雄), Ge Jian-hua(葛建華), Li Jing(李 靖), Tang Yun-shuai(唐云帥) 280
Geological Engineering and Civil Engineering
Cemented backfill technology based on phosphorous gypsum WANG Xin-min(王新民), ZHAO Bin(趙 彬), ZHANG Qin-li(張欽禮) 285
Slope stability analysis considering joined influences of nonlinearity and dilation YANG Xiao-li(楊小禮), HUANG Fu(黃 阜) 292
Influences of rainfall infiltration on stability of accumulation slope by in-situ monitoring test ZHOU Zhong(周 中), WANG Hong-gui(王宏貴), FU He-lin(傅鶴林), LIU Bao-chen(劉寶琛) 297
Mechanism of zonal disintegration phenomenon in enclosing rock mass around deep tunnels WU Hao(吳 昊), GUO Zhi-kun(郭志昆), FANG Qin(方 秦), ZHANG Ya-dong(張亞棟), LIU Jin-chun(柳錦春) 303
Influence of fly ash on early-age cracking behavior of high-flowing concrete ZHENG Jian-lan(鄭建嵐), WANG Xue-fang(王雪芳) 312
Energy and Power Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Identification of complex compliance for regenerator in thermoacoustic resonator system ZHANG Chun-ping(張春萍), LIU Wei(劉 偉), WU Feng(吳 鋒),
GUO Fang-zhong(郭方中), ZHANG Xiao-qing(張曉青)
Numerical study on freezing-thawing phase change heat transfer in biological tissue embedded with two cryoprobes ZHAO Fang(趙 芳), CHEN Zhen-qian(陳振乾), SHI Ming-heng(施明恒) 326
Synchronous hybrid transport network design LI Xia-miao(李夏苗), ZENG Ming-hua(曾明華), FU Bai-bai(傅白白), ZHU Xiao-li(朱曉立) 332

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