自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 21    No. 8    August 2014

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth analysis of 7050-T7451 alloy thick plate with different thicknesses WANG Yi-lin(王藝淋), PAN Qing-lin(潘清林), WEI Li-li(韋莉莉), LI Bo(李波), WANG Ying(王迎) 2977
Microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ31 alloy ingot fabricated by semi-continuous casting LI Jin-zhu(李金柱), NONG Deng(農登), ZHENG Kai-hong(鄭開宏), LI Xiao-hui(黎小輝), ZHAO Ming-chun(趙明純) 2984
Brazing behavior of ultrafine cemented carbide with stainless steel YANG Tian-en(楊天恩), YANG Li(楊力), XIONG Ji(熊計), SUN Lan(孫蘭), GUO Zhi-xing(郭智興), ZHENG Xiao-ming(鄭曉鳴) 2991
Numerical analysis of interaction between solute atom and extended dislocation using force multipoles Hiroaki Morita, Akiyuki Takahashi 3000
Synthesis of flowerlike nickel particles and their microwave absorbing properties QI Hai-ping(齊海萍), CAO Hai-lin(曹海琳), HUANG Yu-dong(黃玉東) 3007
Adjustable transmission properties through ring-shaped nanotube arrays using finite-difference time-domain method ZHOU Feng-qi(周鳳麒), LIU Zhi-min(劉志敏), LI Hong-jian(李宏建), LIU Er-gen(劉二根) 3013
FEM analysis of vacuum hot bulge forming of Hastelloy C-276 thin-walled cylindrical workpiece ZHU Zhi(朱智), ZHANG Li-wen(張立文), GU Sen-dong(顧森東) 3019
Effects of process parameters on warpage of rapid heat cycle moulding plastic part LIU Dong-lei(劉東雷), XIN Yong(辛勇), CAO Wen-hua(曹文華), SUN Ling(孫玲) 3024
Effect of surface treatment to inserted ring on Al–Fe bonding layer of aluminium piston with reinforced cast iron ring SUN Lan(孫蘭), LI Chang-an(李長案), TU Jing-wen(屠靜雯), PENG Ming-cheng(彭明誠) 3037
Calcium ferrite formation characteristic during iron ore sintering with different oxygen atmospheres MAO Xiao-ming(毛曉明), YOU Zhi-xiong(游志雄), ZHANG Yuan-bo(張元波), FAN Zhen-yu(范振宇), LI Guang-hui(李光輝), JIANG Tao(姜濤) 3043
Effect of catalyst on formation of poly(methyl methacrylate) brushes by surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization LIU Hui(劉輝), ZHOU Wan-zhu(周晚珠), YE Hong-qi(葉紅齊), HAN Kai(韓凱), HOU Shi-chuan(侯世川), ZHANG Xin-yue(張欣悅) 3049
Effects of coagulation bath temperature on structure and performance of poly (vinyl butyral) hollow fiber membranes via thermally induced phase separation ZHANG Ming(張明), QIU Yun-ren(邱運仁) 3057
Characterization of stereostructure by X-ray and technology of extracting in combination hydrolysis in situ of acankoreanogenin from leaves of Acanthopanax gracilistylus W. W. Smith DAI Ling(戴玲), LIU Xiang-qian(劉向前), XIE Xia(謝霞), LIU Heng-yan(劉恒言) 3063
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Numerical investigation of water-entry of flatted-bottom seafloor mining tool in ocean waves HU Xiao-zhou(胡小舟), LIU Shao-jun(劉少軍) 3071
Path planning for unmanned aerial vehicles in surveillance tasks under wind fields ZHANG Xing(張興), CHEN Jie(陳杰), XIN Bin(辛斌) 3079
Multistatic radar analysis based on ambiguity function and Cramér-Rao lower bounds LEI Peng-zheng(雷鵬正), HUANG Xiao-tao(黃曉濤) 3092
Waveforms analysis and optimization of new electro-hydraulic excitation technology HAN Dong(韓冬), GONG Guo-fang(龔國芳), YANG Hua-yong(楊華勇), LIU Yi(劉毅), LIAO Xiang-ping(廖湘平) 3098
Regeneration of grinding wheel active surface using high-pressure hydro-jet Krzysztof NADOLNY, Jaroslaw PLICHTA, Pawel SUTOWSKI 3107
Control strategy for energy recovery system in hybrid forklift GONG Jun(龔俊), HE Qing-hua(何清華), ZHANG Da-qing(張大慶), ZHAO Yu-ming(趙喻明), LIU Chang-sheng(劉昌盛), TANG Zhong-yong(唐中勇) 3119
Coordination of multiple grid-connected inverters for harmonic compensation GUO Xiao-rui(郭曉瑞), GUO Ji-feng(郭吉豐), WANG Jian(王劍) 3126
An electrophoretic display driving waveform based on improvement of activation pattern YI Zi-chuan(易子川), BAI Peng-fei(白鵬飛), WANG Li(王利), ZHANG Xiao(張曉), ZHOU Guo-fu(周國富) 3133
An overview of intelligent selection and prediction method in heterogeneous wireless networks Yass K. Salih, Ong Hang See, Rabha W. Ibrahim, Salman Yussof, Azlan Iqbal 3138
Multiple k-hop clusters based routing scheme to preserve source-location privacy in WSNs REN Ju(任炬), ZHANG Yao-xue(張堯學), LIU Kang(劉康) 3155
Interference management via access control and mobility prediction in two-tier heterogeneous networks XIAO Zhu(肖竹), CHEN Jie(陳杰), WANG Dong(王東), LI Ren-fa(李仁發), YI Ke-chu(易克初) 3169
TCAR: A new network coding-aware routing mechanism based on local topology detection WANG Wei-ping(王偉平), WU Wei(吳偉), GUAN Qing-juan(關慶娟), WANG Jian-xin(王建新) 3178
SATVPC: Secure-agent-based trustworthy virtual private cloud model in open computing environments XU Xiao-long(徐小龍), TU Qun(涂群), BESSIS Nik, YANG Geng(楊庚), WANG Xin-heng(王新珩) 3186
A hybrid cuckoo search algorithm with feasibility-based rule for constrained structural optimization LONG Wen(龍文), ZHANG Wen-zhuan(張文專), HUANG Ya-fei(黃亞飛), CHEN Yi-xiong(陳義雄) 3197
NAND flash service lifetime estimate with recovery effect and retention time relaxation BU Kai(步凱), , CHEN Yi-ran(陳怡然), XU Hui(徐暉), YI Wei(易偉), XIE Qi-you(謝啟友) 3205
Energy and Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mining Engineering
A new solar coupling regeneration method for liquid desiccant air-conditioning system CHENG Qing(程清), ZHANG Xiao-song(張小松), XU Yao(許堯) 3214
A new evaluation method of gel’s dynamic sealing characteristic in porous media WU Zhi-wei(吳志偉), YUE Xiang-an(岳湘安), LI Li-feng(李立峰), ZHANG Yi(張義), YANG Zhi-guo(楊志國) 3225
Regeneration of waste activated carbon after extracting gold with steam under microwave heating: Optimization using response surface methodology ZUO Yong-gang(左勇剛), ZHANG Li-bo(張利波), PENG Jin-hui(彭金輝), C. SRINIVASAKANNAN, LIU Bing-guo(劉秉國), MA Ai-yuan(馬愛元) 3233
Characterization and recycling of nickel- and chromium-contained pickling sludge generated in production of stainless steel LI Xiao-ming(李小明), XIE Geng(謝庚), HOJAMBERDIEV Mirabbos, CUI Ya-ru(崔雅茹), ZHAO Jun-xue(趙俊學) 3241
Numerical simulation of dynamic process for liquid film spreading by lattice Boltzmann method and its experimental verification LIU Qiu-zu(劉邱祖), KOU Zi-ming(寇子明), HAN Zhen-nan(韓振南) 3247
Influence of heavy metal stress on morphology and physiology of Penicillium chrysogenum during bioleaching process DENG Xin–hui(鄧新輝), CHAI Li-yuan(柴立元), YANG Zhi-hui(楊志輝), WANG Yang-yang(王洋洋) 3254
Geological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Formation mechanism of reservoir oolitic dolomite in Lower Triassic Feixianguan formation, northeastern Sichuan Basin, southwest China CHEN Pei-yuan(陳培元), TAN Xiu-cheng(譚秀成), LIU Hong(劉宏), MA Teng(馬騰), LUO Bing(羅冰), JIANG Xing-fu(姜興福), YU Yang(于洋), JIN Xiu-ju(靳秀菊) 3263
Basic dynamic characteristics and seismic design of anchorage system DUAN Jian(段建), YAN Zhi-xin(言志信), REN Zhi-hua(任志華), ZHAO Hong-liang(趙紅亮) 3275
Identifying boundary between near field and far field in ground vibration caused by surface loading GAO Guang-yun(高廣運), SONG Jian(宋健), YANG Jun(楊峻) 3284
Designing and implementation of variance-dependent Goldstein radar interferogram filtering WANG Qi-jie(王琪潔), ZHANG Xiao-hu(張小虎), ZHU Jian-jun(朱建軍), HU Jun(胡俊) 3295
Numerical simulation on effects of embedded crack on rock fragmentation by a tunnel boring machine cutter LIU Jie(劉杰), CAO Ping(曹平), JIANG Zhe(蔣喆), ZHAO Yan-lin(趙延林), CAO Ri-hong(曹日紅) 3302
Probabilistic analysis of random contact force between geomembrane and granular material JIANG Xiao-zhen(姜曉楨), SHU Yi-ming(束一鳴) 3309
Spatial acoustic emission evolution of red sandstone during multi-stage triaxial deformation YANG Sheng-qi(楊圣奇), NI Hong-mei(倪紅梅), WEN Sen(溫森) 3316
A theoretical analysis of vertical dynamic response of large-diameter pipe piles in layered soil DING Xuan-ming(丁選明), ZHENG Chang-jie(鄭長杰), LIU Han-long(劉漢龍) 3327
Orthogonal design and numerical simulation of room and pillar configurations in fractured stopes WU Ai-xiang(吳愛祥), HUANG Ming-qing(黃明清), HAN Bin(韓斌), WANG Yi-ming(王貽明), YU Shao-feng(于少峰), MIAO Xiu-xiu(繆秀秀) 3338
Numerical calculation on solar temperature field of a cable-stayed bridge with U-shaped section on high-speed railway LIU Wen-shuo(劉文碩), DAI Gong-lian(戴公連), RAO Shao-chen(饒少臣) 3345
An analysis method for correlation between catenary irregularities and pantograph-catenary contact force QIN Yong(秦勇), ZHANG Yuan(張媛), CHENG Xiao-qing(程曉卿), JIA Li-min(賈利民), XING Zong-yi(邢宗義) 3353
Effect of granite gravel content on improved granular mixtures as railway subgrade fillings CHEN Xiao-bin(陳曉斌), LI Zhi-yong(李志勇), ZHANG Jia-sheng(張家生) 3361
Mechanical response of transmission lines based on sliding cable element LIU Yun(劉云), QIAN Zhen-dong(錢振東), XIA Kai-quan(夏開全) 3370
Joint analysis of urban shopping destination and travel mode choice accounting for potential spatial correlation between alternatives LIN Yao-yu(林姚宇), DING Chuan(丁川), WANG Yao-wu(王耀武), LIU Chao(劉超), CUI Yu-chen(崔愉晨), Sabyasachee Mishra 3378
Freights loading optimization with balanced and unconcentrated loading constraints ZHU Xiang(朱向), LEI Ding-you(雷定猷), ZHANG Ying-gui(張英貴) 3386
Allocation optimization of bicycle-sharing stations at scenic spots GUO Tang-yi(郭唐儀), ZHANG Ping(張平), SHAO Fei(邵飛), LIU Ying-shun(劉英舜) 3396
Understanding taxi driver’s cruising behavior with ZIP model ZONG Fang(宗芳) 3404
Implementation of road horizontal alignment as a whole for CAD YANG Liu(楊柳), ZHENG Jian-long(鄭健龍), ZHANG Rui(張銳) 3411

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