自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 12    Special 2    August 2005

Developing remanufacturing engineering,constructing cycle economy and building saving-oriented society 徐濱士,劉世參,王海斗 1
Key technologies in whole lifecycle of electromechanical products: state of art 段廣洪,向東,牟鵬 7
Investigations and practices on green manufacturing in machining systems 劉飛,尹家緒,曹華軍,何彥 18
Benefit analysis and contribution prediction of engine remanufacturing to cycle economy 劉世參,史佩京,徐濱士,邢忠,謝建軍 25
Failure analysis used for remanufacturing of steel rolling components 王海斗,徐濱士,魏世丞,張顯程,金國,姜祎 30
Machining process model based on virtual reality environment 王太勇,范勝波,羅珺,汪文津,汪文穎 34
Comparison of tribological properties for graphite coatings used for remanufacturing 朱玉嶺 41
Structural integrity and life extension of high-temperature components 汪淳,沈士明 45
Residual stresses within sprayed coatings 姜祎,王海斗,徐濱士 53
Decision-making of biomass ethanol fuel policy based on life cycle 3E assessment 冷如波,戴杜,陳曉軍,王成燾 59
Uncertainty in life cycle economical analysis of cassava-based ethanol fuel 冷如波,戴杜,陳曉軍,王成燾 65
Fatigue life prediction of crankshaft repaired by twin arc spraying 張國慶,王成燾,浦耿強 70
Using hybrid modeling for life cycle assessment of motor bike and electric bike 戴杜,冷如波,王成燾,張成 77
Life cycle of remanufactured engines 楊明,陳銘 81
Dynamic grey model of verification cycle and lifecycle of measuring instrument and its application 蘇海濤,楊世元,沈毛虎,董華 86
Life cycle detection of prestress in large prestressed reinforcement structures 金秀梅,杜彥良,孫寶臣 90
An estimation method for direct maintenance cost of aircraft components based on particle swarm optimization with immunity algorithm 吳靜敏,左洪福,陳勇 95
Metal magnetic memory testing for early damage assessment in ferromagnetic materials 董麗虹,董麗虹,徐濱士,董世運,陳群志,王愈涯,張蕾,王丹,尹大偉 102
Characteristics of magnetic memory signals for medium carbon steel under static tensile conditions 尹大偉,尹大偉,尹大偉,徐濱士,董世運,董麗虹,楊尚林 107
Fatigue properties of 48MnV steel with twin arc spraying 3Cr13 coatings 張國慶,蘇冰,浦耿強,王成燾 112
Analysis of corrosion failure of petrochemical pipe elbow 呂濤 119
Failure analysis of wear of main clutch separating ring of heavy vehicles 孫曉龍,李曉延,朱有利,徐濱士 124
Remanufacturing system based on totally automatic MIG surfacing via robot 朱勝,郭迎春,楊培 129
Scanner external calibration algorithm based on fixed point in robot remanufacturing system 朱勝,崔培枝,沈燦鐸,郭迎春 133
Sustainable manufacturing for obsolete computers based on 3R engineering 史佩京,許一,王紅美,徐濱士 138
Remanufacturing strategy for chemical equipment 張顯程,張顯程,徐濱士,王海斗,姜祎,吳毅雄,鞏建鳴,涂善東 142
Residual fatigue strength of 48MnV crankshaft based on safety factor 王翔,陳銘,浦耿強,王成燾 145
Investigation on end-of-life electric and electronic equipment recycling and disposal system in China: legislation, education and dissemination 陳銘 148
End-of-life vehicle recycling based on disassembly 王翔,秦曄,陳銘,王成燾 153
Recycling process assessment of mechanical recycling of printed circuit board 潘君齊,劉志峰,劉光復,王淑旺,黃海鴻 157
Key technologies of layout design of recycling plants of waste refrigerators 呂義,劉志峰,王淑旺,戚赟徽 162
A bi-objective model for job-shop scheduling problem to minimize both energy consumption and makespan 何彥,劉飛,曹華軍,李聰波 167
Morphology and tribological properties of Ni/n-SiO2 composite coatings by pulse-reverse current brush-plating 譚俊,郭文才,楊紅軍,周亮 172
Sand-wear resistance of brush electroplated nanocomposite coating in oil and its application to remanufacturing 董世運,徐濱士,杜令忠,楊華 176
High temperature tribological behaviors of nano-diamond as oil additive 喬玉林,孫曉峰,徐濱士,馬世寧 181
Analysis of self-repair films on friction surface lubricated with nano-Cu additive 劉謙,許一,史佩京,于鶴龍,徐濱士 186
Design and micro mechanical properties of nano-SiO2 strengthened composite coatings towards remanufacturing 王紅美,劉存龍,史佩京,徐濱士 190
High-temperature corrosion-resistance performance of electro-thermal explosion spraying coating 魏世丞,徐濱士,王海斗,金國 195
Automatic brush-plating technology for component remanufacturing 吳斌,徐濱士,荊學東,劉存龍,張斌 199
Preparation of nano-copper as lubrication oil additive 王曉麗,徐濱士,許一,于鶴龍,史佩京,劉謙 203
Microstructure and wear resistance of electro-thermal explosion sprayed stellite coating used for remanufacturing 金國,金國,徐濱士,王海斗,魏世承,李慶芬 207
New pattern Zn-Al-Mg-RE coating technics for steel structure sustainable design 劉燕,劉燕,徐濱士,朱子新,栗卓新,馬潔 211
Design of wear-out-failure in-situ repair parts by environment-friendly nanocopper additive 徐濱士,許一,王曉麗,劉謙 215
Oxidation performance of Fe-Al/WC composite coatings produced by high velocity arc spraying 孟凡軍,徐濱士,朱勝,馬世寧,張偉 221
Ultraviolet shielding property of crylic acid resin filled with nano-SiO2 閻瑞,吳行,馬世寧,徐濱士 226
Method of lines for temperature field of functionally graded materials 戴耀,孫琦,郝貴祥,燕秀發,李永東 230
Effect of nitrocarburizing on sulphide layer during nitrocarburizing-sulphurating treatment 李新,馬世寧,劉吉延 233
Tribological properties of nanostructured n-Al2O3/Ni coatings deposited by plasma spraying 李長青,馬世寧,葉雄林 237
Corrosion resistance of plasma sprayed NiCrAl+(ZrO2+Y2O3) thermal barrier coating on 18-8 steel surface 陳飛,陳飛,呂濤,周海,劉凱,丁華東 242
Properties of plasma sprayed NiCrAlY+(ZrO2+Y2O3) coating on refractory steel surface 呂濤,陳飛,韓丹鳳,丁華東 246
A novel surface-repairing technique for gun bore 蘇冰,于旭東,吳斌,王成燾 250
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of critical pre-twist strain angle for torsional axis 周國鋒,李曉延,史耀武,徐濱士 254
Characterization of functionally graded ZrO2 thermal barrier coatings sprayed by supersonic plasma spray with dual powder feed ports 韓志海,韓志海,王海軍,周世魁,徐濱士 257
A new monitoring method of cable tension of cable-stayed bridge—fiber Bragg grating method 張戌社,杜彥良,寧辰校 261
Prediction of diameter errors compensation in bars turning 范勝波,王太勇,汪文津,冷永剛 264
Conformal analysis of fundamental frequency of vibration of simple-supported elastic ellipse-plates with concentrated substance 齊紅元,朱衡君 269
Effect of weld on design of steel moment-resisting connection reinforced with steel plates 陳鵬,黎永 274


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