自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 26    No. 9    September 2019

A review on spatial self-phase modulation of two-dimensional materials ZHANG Xue-jun(張學軍), YUAN Zhen-hua(袁振華), YANG Rui-xin(楊瑞欣), HE Yi-lin(何奕林), QIN Ying-lin(秦應霖), XIAO Si(肖思), HE Jun(何軍) 2295
Forward hot extrusion forming process of 4-lobe aluminum alloy helical surface rotor XIA Feng(夏峰), LI Hui(李輝), LIU Hou-gen(劉厚根), ZHAO Bei-bei(趙貝貝), ZHANG Zhao-qiang(張昭強), LU Di-hua(陸地華), CHEN Jian-qiang(陳建強) 2307
Investigation of weld parameters on ductility, onion ring and fracture behaviour of friction stir welded AA2219-T87 Dinesh KUMAR R, S MUTHUKUMARAN, Vincent XAVIER, T VENKATESWARAN, D SIVAKUMAR 2318
Water leaching of arsenic trioxide from metallurgical dust with emphasis on its kinetics YANG Kang(楊康), LIU Wei(劉維), ZHANG Tian-fu(張添富), YAO Li-wei(姚理為), QIN Wen-qing(覃文慶) 2328
Fractional order PID control for steer-by-wire system of emergency rescue vehicle based on genetic algorithm XU Fei-xiang(徐飛翔), LIU Xin-hui(劉昕暉), CHEN Wei(陳偉), ZHOU Chen(周晨), CAO Bing-wei(曹丙偉) 2340
Integrated yaw and rollover control based on differential braking for off-road vehicles with mechanical elastic wheel LI Hai-qing(李海青), ZHAO You-qun(趙又群), LIN Fen(林棻), XIAO Zhen(肖振) 2354
Analysis and formulation of spur gear stresses with different tip modifications A. MAPER, S. KARUPPANAN, S. S. PATIL 2368
Modeling hot strip rolling process under framework of generalized additive model LI Wei-gang(李維剛), YANG Wei(楊威), ZHAO Yun-tao(趙云濤), YAN Bao-kang(嚴保康), LIU Xiang-hua(劉相華) 2379
Distribution of contact loads in crushed zone between tunnel boring machine disc cutter and rock SHI Yu-peng(史余鵬), XIA Yi-min(夏毅敏), TAN Qing(譚青), ZHANG Yi-chao(張逸超), QIAO Shuo(喬碩) 2393
A method combining refined composite multiscale fuzzy entropy with PSO-SVM for roller bearing fault diagnosis XU Fan(許凡), Peter W TSE(謝偉達) 2404
Demodulation spectrum analysis for multi-fault diagnosis of rolling bearing via chirplet path pursuit LIU Dong-dong(劉東東), CHENG Wei-dong(程衛東), WEN Wei-gang(溫偉剛) 2418
Why do they ask? An exploratory study of crowd discussions about Android application programming interface in stack overflow FAN Qiang(范強), WANG Tao(王濤), YANG Cheng(楊程), YIN Gang(尹剛), YU Yue(余躍), WANG Huai-min(王懷民) 2432
Petrel2ANSYS: Accessible software for simulation of crustal stress fields using constraints provided by multiple 3D models employing different types of grids LIU Yu-yang(劉鈺洋), PAN Mao(潘懋), LIU Shi-qi(劉詩琦) 2447
Multi-objective optimization of multi-cell conical structures under dynamic loads Pirmohammad Sadjad, Esmaeili-Marzdashti Sobhan 2464
Nonlinear inversion for magnetotelluric sounding based on deep belief network WANG He(王鶴), LIU Wei(劉威), XI Zhen-zhu(席振銖) 2482
Recognition of newspaper printed in Gurumukhi script Rupinder Pal Kaur, Manish Kumar Jindal, Munish Kumar 2495
Fault detection in flotation processes based on deep learning and support vector machine LI Zhong-mei(李中美), GUI Wei-hua(桂衛華), ZHU Jian-yong(朱建勇) 2504
Coordinated control method of intersection traffic light in one-way road based on V2X GAO Kai(高凱), HAN Fa-rong(韓發榮), WEN Meng-fei(文孟飛), DU Rong-hua(杜榮華), LI Shuo(李爍), ZHOU Feng(周峰) 2516
Flow pattern and pressure drop of gas-liquid two-phase swirl flow in a horizontal pipe RAO Yong-chao(饒永超), DING Bo-yang(丁博洋), WANG Shu-li(王樹立), WANG Zi-wen(王子文), ZHOU Shi-dong(周詩崠) 2528
Peristalsis of nanofluid through curved channel with Hall and Ohmic heating effects T. HAYAT, B. AHMED, F. M. ABBASI, A. ALSAEDI 2543
Effect of crack-closure treatment on fatigue durability of cracked rib-to-deck welded joints in steel bridge decks WANG Qiu-dong(王秋東), JI Bo-hai(吉伯海), FU Zhong-qiu(傅中秋), YE Zhi(葉枝) 2554
Reinforcement by polyurethane to stiffness of air-supported fabric formwork for concrete shell construction GUO Xiao(郭曉), QIAN Sheng-shen(錢圣申), QING Qiang(卿強), GONG Jing-hai(龔景海) 2569
Fabrication, property characterization and thermal performance of composite phase change material plates based on tetradecanol-myristic acid binary eutectic mixture/expanded perlite and expanded vermiculite for building application YANG Hua(楊華), CHEN Wan-he(陳萬河), KONG Xiang-fei(孔祥飛), RONG Xian(戎賢) 2578
Enhancement of resilient modulus of cohesive soil using an enzymatic preparation Ahmed F. ZIDAN, Abdullah A. ABOUKHADRA, Yasser GABER 2596
Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams with high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites SIVA Chidambaram R, PANKAJ Agarwal 2609

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