自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 25    No. 8    August 2018

Electrochemical oxidation of reactive brilliant orange X-GN dye on boron-doped diamond anode MA Li(馬莉), ZHANG Ming-quan(張明全), ZHU Cheng-wu(朱成武), MEI Rui-qiong(梅瑞瓊),WEI Qiu-ping(魏秋平), ZHOU Bo(周博), YU Zhi-ming(余志明) 1825
Enhancement of wear resistance of Ti–6Al–4V alloy by picosecond laser surface micro texturing process DINESH BABU P, VIGNESH S, VIGNESH M, BALAMURUGAN C 1836
Effect of postweld heat treatment on interface microstructure and metallurgical properties of explosively welded bronze–carbon steel Khanzadeh GharahShiran Mohammad Reza, Khoshakhlagh Ali,Khalaj Gholamreza, Bakhtiari Hamid, Banihashemi Ali Reza 1849
Investigation of modeling on single grit grinding for martensitic stainless steel NIE Zhen-guo(聶振國), WANG Gang(王罡), JIANG Feng(姜峰),LIN Yong-liang(林永亮), RONG Yi-ming(融亦鳴) 1862
Environmental impact assessment of magnesium alloy automobile hub based on life cycle assessment YI Qiu-ping(易秋平), TANG Chang-ping(唐昌平) 1870
Frictional characteristics of sheet metals with superimposed ultrasonic vibrations Cao Miao-yan(曹秒艷), LI Jian-chao(李建超), LIU Yan-yang(劉艷陽),YUAN Ya-ning(苑亞寧), ZHAO Chang-cai(趙長財), DONG Guo-jiang(董國疆) 1879
An investigation on crystallization property, thermodynamics and kinetics of wollastonite glass ceramics SI Wei(司偉), DING Chao(丁超) 1888
A new reaction system to determine nonlinear chemical fingerprint and its use in Panax ginseng identification method based on double reaction system TAN Xue-ying(譚雪瑩), DENG Fei-yue(鄧飛躍), ZHANG Tai-ming(張泰銘),HUANG Jian(黃堅), CHEN Chun-nan(陳春楠) 1895
Recovery of antimony from antimony-bearing dusts through reduction roasting process under CO–CO2 mixture gas atmosphere after firstly oxidation roasted ZHONG Da-peng(鐘大鵬), LI Lei(李磊), TAN Cheng(談誠) 1904
Synergistic corrosion inhibition behavior of rare-earth cerium ions and serine on carbon steel in 3% NaCl solutions LIU Xia(劉瑕), YUANYi-zhi(袁藝智), WU Zhu-ying(吳柱瑩),TIAN Gao-deng(田高登), ZHENG Yu-gui(鄭玉貴) 1914
Influence of blast furnace top gas composition and dust on HCl removal with low temperature Ca-based dechlorination agent TENG Ai-jun(滕艾均), HU Bin-sheng(胡賓生), GUI Yong-liang(貴永亮), XUE Xiang-xin(薛向欣) 1920
Flocculation of flotation tailings in presence of silicate gel and polymer YIN Zhi-gang(殷志剛), Sultan Ahmed KHOSO, SUN Wei(孫偉), HU Yue-hua(胡岳華), ZHAI Ji-hua(翟計劃), GAO Yue-sheng(高躍升), ZHANG Chen-hu(張諶虎), LIU Run-qing(劉潤清) 1928
Intraretinal layer segmentation and parameter measurement in optic nerve head region through energy function of spatial-gradient continuity constraint CHEN Zai-liang(陳再良), WEI Hao(魏浩), SHEN Hai-lan(沈海瀾), PENG Peng(彭鵬), YUE Ke-juan(岳珂娟), LI Jian-feng(李建鋒), ZOU Bei-ji(鄒北驥) 1938
Effects of different poses and wind speeds on flow field of dish solar concentrator based on virtual wind tunnel experiment with constant wind LIU Guan-lin(劉冠麟), E Jia-qiang(鄂加強), LIU Teng(劉騰),ZUO Wei(左威), ZHANG Qing-ling(張慶玲) 1948
Fatigue life evaluation on key components of high-speed railway catenary system QI Guang-feng(戚廣楓), XIAO Xiao-hui(肖曉暉), ZHAO Hui(趙慧), CHEN Jian-fang(陳建芳) 1958
Effects of different numerical algorithms on simulation of chemical dissolution-front instability in fluid-saturated porous rocks ZHAO Chong-bin(趙崇斌), Bruce HOBBS, Alison ORD 1966
Conventional triaxial compression on hollow cylinders of sandstone with various fillings: Relationship of surrounding rock with support WU Qiu-hong(吳秋紅), LI Xi-bing(李夕兵), TAO Ming(陶明),ZHAO Fu-jun(趙伏軍), WENG Lei(翁磊), DONG Long-jun(董隴軍) 1976
Experimental investigation on deformation characteristics and permeability evolution of rock under confining pressure unloading conditions CHEN Xu(陳旭), TANG Chun-an(唐春安), YU Jin(俞縉),ZHOU Jian-feng(周建烽), CAI Yan-yan(蔡燕燕) 1987
A self-regulating pairwise swapping algorithm to search reliability-based user equilibrium ZHANG Wen-yi(張文義), GUAN Wei(關偉), FAN Ling-ling(樊玲玲) 2002
Identification and characteristics analysis of bottlenecks on urban expressways based on floating car data ZHANG Jian-bo(張建波), SONG Guo-hua(宋國華), YU Lei(于雷),GUO Ji-fu(郭繼孚), LU Hong-yu(魯洪語) 2014

    Infomation:CN43-1516/TB*1994*m*A4*200*en*P*RMB ?100*500*20*2018-8


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