自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 24    No. 9    September 2017

Effect of sintering atmosphere on corrosion resistance of NiFe2O4 ceramic in Na3AlF6-Al2O3 melt TIAN Zhong-liang(田忠良), YANG Kai(楊凱), LAI Yan-qing(賴延清), ZHANG Kai(張凱), LI Jie(李劼) 1929
Corrosion behavior of SiC foam ceramic reinforced Al-23Si composites in NaCl solution ZHU Jian-bin(諸建彬), , YAN Hong(閆洪), YE He-yuan(葉何遠), AI Fan-rong(艾凡榮) 1934
Removal of Cd(II) and Pb(II) from soil through desorption using citric acid: Kinetic and equilibrium studies TANG Qiang(唐強), , , ZHOU Ting(周婷), GU Fan(顧凡), WANG Yan(王艷), CHU Jia-ming(褚嘉明) 1941
Activities of laccase produced by a strains Penicillium simplicissimum induced by chemical agentia and UV radiation LI Xue(李雪), LI Fei(李飛), LAI Cui(賴萃), HUANG Jin-hui(黃瑾輝), PANG Ya(龐婭), LUO Kun(羅琨), LIAO Xing-sheng(廖興盛) 1953
Process mineralogy and characteristic associations of iron and phosphorus-based minerals on oolitic hematite LUO Li-qun(羅立群), ZHANG Han-quan(張漢泉) 1959
Spatiotemporal distribution model for zinc electrowinning process and its parameter estimation DENG Shi-jun(鄧仕鈞), YANG Chun-hua(陽春華), LI Yong-gang(李勇剛), ZHU Hong-qiu(朱紅求), WU Tie-bin(伍鐵斌) 1968
Measurement and evaluation of strain fields in T23 steel based on digital image correlation method LIN Lie-xiong(林烈雄), XU Meng-jia(徐孟嘉), , XU Ji-jin(徐濟進), LU Hao(陸皓), YE Cheng-hui(葉誠輝), YU Chun(余春), CHEN Jun-mei(陳俊梅) 1977
Deformation characteristics and constitutive model of seafloor massive sulfides HU Jian-hua(胡建華), , , LIU Shao-jun(劉少軍), , , ZHANG Rui-qiang(張瑞強), , , HU Qiong(胡瓊), , 1986
Integral sliding mode control for flexible ball screw drives with matched and mismatched uncertainties and disturbances BAO Da-fei(包達飛), TANG Wen-cheng(湯文成), DONG Liang(董亮) 1992
Tribological behavior and energy dissipation characteristics of nano-Al2O3-reinforced PTFE-PPS composites in sliding system CAO Wen-han(曹文翰), GONG Jun(龔俊), YANG Dong-ya(楊東亞), GAO Gui(高貴), WANG Hong-gang(王宏剛), REN Jun-fang(任俊芳), CHEN Sheng-sheng(陳生圣), 2001
Development of dynamic-mathematical model of hydraulic excavator Vujic Dragoljub, Lazarevic Olgica, Batinic Vojislav 2010
Disturbance rejection control for Raymond mill grinding system based on disturbance observer NIU Dan(牛丹), CHEN Xi-song(陳夕松), YANG Jun(楊俊), ZHOU Xing-peng(周杏鵬) 2019
Model predictive control synthesis algorithm based on polytopic terminal region for Hammerstein-Wiener nonlinear systems LI Yan(李妍), CHEN Xue-yuan(陳雪原), MAO Zhi-zhong(毛志忠) 2028
Particle swarm optimization algorithm for simultaneous optimal placement and sizing of shunt active power conditioner (APC) and shunt capacitor in harmonic distorted distribution system Mohammadi Mohammad 2035
Permutation-substitution image encryption scheme based on a modified chaotic map in transform domain Ramadan Noha, Ahmed HossamEldin H, El-khamy Said E, Abd El-Samie Fathi E 2049
A nonlinear hydroelastic method considering wave memory effect for ship load responses in irregular waves CHEN Zhan-yang(陳占陽) 2058
Hybrid tracking model and GSLM based neural network for crowd behavior recognition Manoj Kumar, Charul Bhatnagar 2071
A new failure mechanism for deep cavity and upper bound solution of supporting pressure ZHANG Dao-bing(張道兵), , LIU Zhi-zhen(劉智振), ZHANG Jia-hua(張佳華) 2082
Ground movement mechanism in tectonic stress metal mines with steep structure planes XIA Kai-zong(夏開宗), CHEN Cong-xin(陳從新), LIU Xiu-min(劉秀敏), ZHENG Yuan(鄭元), FU Hua(付華) 2092
Rock burst prediction based on genetic algorithms and extreme learning machine LI Tian-zheng(李天正), LI Yong-xin(李永鑫), YANG Xiao-li(楊小禮) 2105
Experimental investigation of particle-induced pressure loss in solid–liquid lifting pipe SONG Yue-wen(宋躍文), ZHU Xiao-jun(朱小軍), SUN Zhi-qiang(孫志強), TANG Da-sheng(唐達生) 2114
Visualization of pullout behaviour of geogrid in sand with emphasis on size effect of protrusive junctions MIAO Chen-xi(苗晨曦), ZHENG Jun-jie(鄭俊杰), ZHANG Rong-jun(章榮軍), XIE Ming-xing(謝明星), YIN Jian-hua(殷建華) 2121
Determination of microscopic waterflooding characteristics and influence factors in ultra-low permeability sandstone reservoir REN Da-zhong(任大忠), , SUN Wei(孫衛), HUANG Hai(黃海), NAN Jun-xiang(南珺祥), CHEN Bin(陳斌) 2134
Bending tests and finite element analysis of lipped channels with complex edge stiffeners and web stiffeners WANG Chun-gang(王春剛), ZHANG Zhuang-nan(張壯南), JIA Lian-guang(賈連光), YU Xin-yong(于欣永) 2145
Limit equilibrium analysis for rock slope stability using basic Hoek–Brown strength criterion DENG Dong-ping(鄧東平), ZHAO Lian-heng(趙煉恒), LI Liang(李亮) 2154
Calculation of foundation pit deformation caused by deep excavation considering influence of loading and unloading HUANG Ming(黃明), , LIU Xing-rong(劉新榮), ZHANG Nai-yang(張乃烊), SHEN Qi-wei(沈啟煒) 2164
Coupled effect of viscosity enhancing admixtures and superplasticizers on rheological behavior of cement paste YUAN Qiang(元強), LIU Wen-tao(劉文濤), WANG Chao(王超), DENG De-hua(鄧德華), LIU Zan-qun(劉贊群), LONG Guang-cheng(龍廣成) 2172
Performance-based passive control analysis of adjacent structures: Optimization of Maxwell dampers WU Qiao-yun(吳巧云), , DAI Jian-zhou(代健州), ZHU Hong-ping(朱宏平) 2180
A comparative crashworthiness analysis of multi-cell polygonal tubes under axial and oblique loads ZOU Xiang(鄒翔), GAO Guang-jun(高廣軍), ZHANG Jie(張潔), ZHOU Xi-sai(周細賽), CHEN Wei(陳威), GUAN Wei-yuan(關維元) 2198

    Infomation:CN43-1516/TB*1994*m*A4*280*en*P*RMB ?100*500*29*2017-09


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