自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 23    No. 4    April 2016

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Influence factors on stress corrosion cracking of P110 tubing steel under CO2 injection well annulus environment LIU Zhi-yong(劉智勇), ZHAO Tian-liang(趙天亮), LIU Ran-ke(劉然克), JIA Jing-huan(賈靜煥), DU Cui-wei(杜翠薇), LI Xiao-gang(李曉剛) 757
Research on technological parameters of pressure forming with hot granule medium on AA7075 sheet DONG Guo-jiang(董國疆), ZHAO Chang-cai(趙長財), ZHAO Jian-pei(趙建培), YA Yuan-yuan(押媛媛), CAO Miao-yan(曹秒艷) 765
Removal of aqueous Ni(II) with carbonized leaf powder:Kinetics and equilibrium TANG Qiang(唐強), WANG Heng-yu(王恒宇), TANG Xiao-wu(唐曉武), WANG Yan(王艷) 778
Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of alkaline ion-exchanged ZnO/bentonite nanocomposites Hamideh Pouraboulghasem, Mohammad Ghorbanpour, Razieh Shayegh, Samaneh Lotfiman 787
Response of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defense systems of Polygonum hydropiper to Mn stress YANG Xian-jun(楊賢均),DENG Dong-mei(鄧冬梅), LIU Ke-hui(劉可慧), YU Fang-ming(于方明) 793
Effect of copper slag recovery on hydrometallurgicalcut-off grades considering environmental aspects AFSHIN AKBARI, ESMAEIL RAHIMI 798
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Actuator fault diagnosis of autonomous underwater vehicle based on improved elman neural network SUN Yu-shan(孫玉山), LI Yue-ming(李岳明), ZHANG Guo-cheng(張國成), ZHANG Ying-hao(張英浩), WU Hai-bo(吳海波) 808
Comparison of three formulations for eddy-current problems in a spiral coil electromagnetic acoustic transducer SHI Wen-ze(石文澤), WU Yun-xin(吳運新), GONG Hai(龔海), ZHAO Zhi-ran(趙志然), FAN Ji-zhi(范吉志), TAN Liang-chen(譚良辰) 817
An investigation of cam-roller mechanism applied in sphere cam engine ZHANG Lei(張雷), PAN Cun-yun(潘存云),XU Xiao-jun(徐小軍), XU Hai-jun(徐海軍), ZHANG Zheng-zhou(張正洲) 825
L1 adaptive controller of nonlinear reference system in presence of unmatched uncertainties SONG Hai-tao(宋海濤), ZHANG Tao(張濤), ZHANG Guo-liang(張國良) 834
A novel current vector decomposition controller design for six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor YUAN Lei(袁雷), HU Bing-xin(胡冰新), WEI Ke-yin(魏克銀), LIN Ying(林瑩) 841
Relay movement control for maintaining connectivity in aeronautical ad hoc networks LI Jie(李杰), SUN Zhi-qiang(孫志強), SHI Bo-hao(師博浩), GONG Er-ling(宮二玲), XIE Hong-wei(謝紅衛) 850
Differential geometric guidance command with finite time convergence using extended state observer MA Yi-wei(麻毅威), ZHANG Wei-hua(張為華) 859
Dynamic rupture and crushing of an extruded tube using artificialneural network (ANN) approximation method Javad Marzbanrad, Behrooz Mashadi, Amir Afkar,Mostafa Pahlavani 869
Optimal multilevel thresholding based on molecular kinetic theory optimization algorithm and line intercept histogram FAN Chao-dong(范朝冬), REN Ke(任柯), ZHANG Ying-jie(張英杰), YI Ling-zhi(易靈芝) 880
Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering
Vertical vibration of a large diameter pipe pile considering transverse inertia effect of pile ZHENG Chang-jie(鄭長杰), LIU Han-long(劉漢龍), DING Xuan-ming(丁選明), ZHOU Hang(周航) 891
Rheological properties of surrounding rock in deep hard rock tunnels and its reasonable support form WANG Hui(王輝), CHEN Wei-zhong(陳衛忠), WANG Qing-biao(王清標),ZHENG Peng-qiang(鄭朋強) 898
Numerical analysis on seismic behavior of railway earth embankment:A case study LIN Yu-liang(林宇亮), SHI Feng(石峰), YANG Xiao(楊嘯), YANG Guo-lin(楊果林), LI Li-min(李麗民) 906
Effect of graphene on mechanical properties of cement mortars CAO Ming-li(曹明莉), ZHANG Hui-xia(張會霞), ZHANG Cong(張聰) 919
Viscoelastic micromechanical model for dynamic modulus prediction of asphalt concrete with interface effects DONG Man-sheng(董滿生), GAO Yang-ming(高仰明), LI Ling-lin(李凌林), WANG Li-na(王利娜), SUN Zhi-bin(孫志彬) 926
A general solution for vertical-drain consolidation with impeded drainage boundaries FU Cui-wei(付崔偉), LEI Guo-hui(雷國輝) 934
Critical embedment depth of a rigid retaining wall against overturning in unsaturated soils considering intermediate principal stress and strength nonlinearity ZHANG Chang-guang(張常光), CHEN Xin-dong(陳新棟), FAN Wen(范文) 944
Pedestrian environment prediction with different types of on-shore building distribution SONG Xiao-cheng(宋曉程), LIU Jing(劉京), YU Lei(余磊) 955
CFD study of flow-diffusion process in Y-shape micromixer CHEN Zhuo(陳卓), ZHANG Rui-qi(張睿琦), WANG Xiao-na(王曉娜) 969
Numerical investigations on effects of bluff body inflat plate micro thermo photovoltaic combustor with sudden expansion E Jia-qiang(鄂加強), HUANG Hai-jiao(黃海蛟), ZHAO Xiao-huan(趙曉歡) 975
Kerosene-alumina nanofluid flow and heat transfer for cooling application M. Mahmoodi, Sh. Kandelousi 983
Slip flow and variable properties of viscoelastic fluid past astretching surface embedded in a porous medium with heat generation Ahmed M. Megahed 991
Numerical simulation of single bubble rising in shear-thinning fluids by level set method LI Shao-bai(李少白), YAN Zheng(煙征), LI Run-dong(李潤東), WANG Lei(王雷), LUAN Jing-de(欒敬德) 1000

    Infomation:CN43-1516/TB*1994*m*A4*250*en*P*RMB ?100*500*28*2016-04

    Editor:鄧履翔 方京華

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