自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版
自然科學版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 22    No. 2    February 2015

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Effect of cyclic heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of 50CrV4 steel LI Hong-ying(李紅英), HAN Mao-sheng(韓茂盛), LI De-wang(李德望), LI Jun(李俊), XU De-chao(徐德超) 409
A free-cutting and ductile CuAlMnZnTiB shape memory alloy LIU Na(劉娜), LI Zhou(李周), LI Ling(李靈), LIU Bin(劉斌), LI Qing-tian(李擎天), XU Gen-ying(徐根應) 416
Effect of electromagnetic and ultrasonic cast rolling on microstructure and properties of 1050 aluminum substrate for presensitized plate SHI Chen(石琛), MAO Da-heng(毛大恒), FU Zong-li(扶宗禮) 422
Physically-based modeling for hole scattering rate in strained Si1-xGex/(100)Si WANG Bin(王斌), HU Hui-yong(胡輝勇), ZHANG He-ming(張鶴鳴), SONG Jian-jun(宋建軍), ZHANG Yu-ming(張玉明) 430
Separation of hematite from banded hematite jasper (BHJ) by magnetic coating Subhashree Singh, H. Sahoo, S. S. Rath, B. B. Palei, B. Das 437
DMAc used as a reducer for preparation of spherical silver nanoparticles with high dispersion HE Guo-wen(賀國文), LI Fen-fang(李芬芳), WEN Jie-bin(文杰斌) 445
Effect of sintering atmosphere on composition and properties of NiFe2O4 ceramic TIAN Zhong-liang(田忠良), ZHANG Teng(張騰), LIU Kai(劉愷), LAI Yan-qing(賴延清), LI Jie(李劼) 450
Molecular characterization of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans strains isolated from different environments by three PCR-based methods WU Xue-ling(吳學玲), LIU Li-li(劉莉莉), ZHANG Zhen-zhen(張真真), DENG Fan-fan(鄧凡凡), LIU Xin-xing(劉新星) 455
Electronic structure and flotation behavior of monoclinic and hexagonal pyrrhotite ZHAO Cui-hua(趙翠華), WU Bo-zeng(吳伯增), CHEN Jian-hua(陳建華) 466
Quantitative analysis of trace levels of β-ionone in water by liquid-liquid-phase extraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (LLE-GC-MS) GAO Meng-hong(高夢鴻), GAO Nai-yun(高乃云), XIE Hui-hui(謝茴茴), AN Na(安娜), DENG Yang(鄧揚), RONG Wen-lei(戎文磊) 472
Water vapor adsorption in activated carbon modified with hydrophilic organic salts YAO Xiao-long(姚小龍), LI Li-qing(李立清), LI Hai-long(李海龍), CHI Dong(池東) 478
Comparison between sequential and single extraction procedures for metal speciation in fresh and dried Sedum Plumbizincicola SONGZu-wei(宋祖威), ZHONG Zhao-ping(仲兆平), ZHONGDao-xu(鐘道旭), WU Long-hua(吳龍華), LUO Yong-ming(駱永明) 487
Degradation of ethyl xanthate in flotation residues by hydrogen peroxide CHEN Xing-hua(陳興華), HU Yue-hua(胡岳華), PENG Hong(彭宏), Cao Xue-feng(曹學鋒) 495
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Modeling of miner track system during steering motion UMARU Samaila, LIU Shao-jun(劉少軍), HAN Qing-jue(韓慶玨) 502
Soft sensor design for hydrodesulfurization process using support vector regression based on WT and PCA Saeid Shokri, Mohammad Taghi Sadeghi, Mahdi Ahmadi Marvast, Shankar Narasimhan 511
Design of a continuously variable Mach-number nozzle GUO Shan-guang(郭善廣), WANG Zhen-guo(王振國), ZHAO Yu-xin(趙玉新) 522
Compound control for speed and tension multivariable coupling system of reversible cold strip mill FANG Yi-ming(方一鳴), LIU Le(劉樂), LI Jian-xiong(李建雄), CHANG Ru(常茹) 529
Scheme optimization of AT shifting element based on genetic algorithm YUE Hui-jun(岳會軍), LIU Yan-fang(劉艷芳), MA Ming-yue(馬明月), XU Xiang-yang(徐向陽), WANG Shu-han(王書翰) 539
A compact transmit/receive switch for 2.4 GHz reader-less active RFID tag transceiver Mohammad Arif Sobhan Bhuiyan, Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Jubayer Jalil, Labonnah Farzana Rahman, Tae Gyu Chang 546
Novel LDNMOS embedded SCR with strong ESD robustness based on 0.5 μm 18 V CDMOS technology WANG Yang(汪洋), JIN Xiang-liang(金湘亮), ZHOU A-cheng(周阿鋮) 552
Visualization of flatness pattern recognition based on T-S cloud inference network ZHANG Xiu-ling(張秀玲), ZHAO Liang(趙亮), ZANG Jia-yin(臧佳音), FAN Hong-min(樊紅敏) 560
An EMD based method for detrending RR interval series without resampling ZENG Chao(曾超), JIANG Qi-yun(蔣奇云), CHEN Chao-yang(陳朝陽), XU Min(徐敏) 567
Hybrid Kalman and unscented Kalman filters for INS/GPS integrated system considering constant lever arm effect CHANG Guo-bin(常國賓), LIU Ming(柳明) 575
Robust synchronization of uncertain complex systems with time-varying delays LI Hai-long(李海龍), XI Jian-xiang(席建祥), LI Hui(李卉), CAO Yao-qing(曹耀欽) 584
Vehicle detection algorithm based on codebook and local binary patterns algorithms XU Xue-mei(許雪梅), ZHOU Li-chao(周立超), MO Qin(墨芹), GUO Qiao-yun(郭巧云) 593
Fault diagnosis and process monitoring using a statistical pattern framework based on a self-organizing map SONG Yu(宋羽), JIANG Qing-chao(姜慶超), YAN Xue-feng(顏學峰) 601
Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering
Evaluation of nitrate source in groundwater of southern part of North China Plain based on multi-isotope FANG Jing-jing(方晶晶), ZHOU Ai-guo(周愛國), MA Chuan-ming(馬傳明), LIU Cun-fu(劉存富), CAI He-sheng(蔡鶴生), GAN Yi-qun(甘義群), LIU Yun-de(劉運德) 610
Generation of 3D random meso-structure of soil-rock mixture and its meso-structural mechanics based on numerical tests XU Wen-jie(徐文杰), ZHANG Hai-yang(張海洋), JIE Yu-xin(介玉新), YU Yu-zhen(于玉貞) 619
simulation of coupled thm process in surrounding rock mass of nuclear waste repository in argillaceous formation JIANG Zhong-ming(蔣中明), HOXHA Dashnor, HOMAND Fran?oise, CHEN Yong-gui(陳永貴) 631
Crack initiation stress and strain of jointed rock containing multi-cracks under uniaxial compressive loading: a particle flow code approach FAN Xiang(范祥), KULATILAKE P H S W, CHEN Xin(陳新), CAO Ping(曹平) 638
Analytical solution to one-dimensional consolidation in unsaturated soils under sinusoidal cyclic loading FENG Jun(馮君), WU Xi-yong(巫錫勇), ZHU Bao-long(朱寶龍), YANG Qi-xiang(楊期祥) 646
A new method to calculate lateral force acting on stabilizing piles based on multi-wedge translation mechanism LUO Yu(羅渝), XU Qiang(許強), HE Si-ming(何思明), LI Xin-po(李新坡), HE Jin-chuan(何盡川), WU Yong(吳永) 654
Test of subcritical crack growth and fracture toughness under water-rock interaction in three types of rocks HAO Rui-qing(郝瑞卿), LI Jiang-teng(李江騰), CAO Ping(曹平), LIU Bo(劉博), LIAO Jun(廖峻) 662
Numerical analysis of stability for mined-out area in multi-field coupling Luo Zhou-quan(羅周全), XIE Cheng-yu(謝承煜), ZHOU Ji-ming(周吉明), JIA Nan(賈楠), Liu Xiao-ming(劉曉明), XU Hai(徐海) 669
Risk evaluation of rock burst through theory of static and dynamic stresses superposition LI Zhen-lei(李振雷), DOU Lin-ming(竇林名), WANG Gui-feng(王桂峰), CAI Wu(蔡武), HE Jiang(何江), DING Yan-lu(丁言露) 676
Hazard degree identification of goafs based on scale effect of structure by RS-TOPSIS method HU Jian-hua(胡建華), SHANG Jun-long(尚俊龍), ZHOU Ke-ping(周科平), CHEN Yi-kai(陳宜楷), NING Yu-lin(甯榆林), LIU Lang(劉浪), Mohammed M. Aliyu 684
Damage constitutive model of different age concretes under impact load LI Xi-bing(李夕兵), WANG Shi-ming(王世鳴), WENG Lei(翁磊), HUANG Lin-qi(黃麟淇), ZHOU Tao(周韜), ZHOU Jian(周健) 693
Experimental study and numerical simulation of spread law for fire on tunnel NIU Hui-yong(牛會永), QIAO Chen-lu(喬晨露), AN Jing-yu(安敬魚), DENG Jun(鄧軍) 701
MHD stagnation point flow by a permeable stretching cylinder with Soret-Dufour effects M. Ramzan, M. Farooq, T. Hayat, A. Alsaedi, J. Cao 707
Convective heat and mass transfer effects in three-dimensional flow of Maxwell fluid over a stretching surface with heat source T. Hayat, M. Bilal Ashraf, A. Alsaedi, S. A. Shehzad 717
An approach for IC engine coolant energy recovery based on low-temperature organic Rankine cycle Fu Jian-qin(付建勤), Liu Jing-ping(劉敬平), Xu Zheng-xin(徐政欣), Deng Bang-lin(鄧幫林), Liu Qi(劉琦) 727
Optimal air-supply mode of hybrid system with radiant cooling and dedicated outdoor air DING Yan(丁研), TIAN Zhe(田喆), ZHU Neng(朱能) 735
Flow structure around high-speed train in open air TIAN Hong-qi(田紅旗), HUANG Sha(黃莎), YANG Ming-zhi(楊明智) 747
Coupled analysis of engine noise and interior noise of an automobile ZHENG Xu(鄭旭), MAO Jie(毛杰), HAO Zhi-yong(郝志勇) 753
Robust user equilibrium model based on cumulative prospect theory under distribution-free travel time WANG Wei(王偉), SUN Hui-jun(孫會君), WU Jian-jun(吳建軍) 761
Effects of flashing green on driver’s stop/go decision at signalized intersection SHEN Jia-jun(沈家軍), WANG Wei(王煒) 771
A two-stage short-term traffic flow prediction method based on AVL and AKNN techniques MENG Meng(孟夢), SHAO Chun-fu(邵春福), WONG Yiik-diew(黃育兆), WANG Bo-bin(王博彬), LI Hui-xuan(李慧軒) 779
Individual departure time decision considering departure scheduling utility ZHANG Wen-yi(張文義), GUAN Wei(關偉), SUN Hui-jun(孫會君), MAO Bao-hua(毛保華) 787

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